The size of the Lone Star State means GPS tracking in Texas is even more important than tracking in other states around the country. You may have a service technician working in a bustling city suburb today, but out in a remote location tomorrow. With access to real-time tracking data, you’ll be able to quickly locate any of your drivers.

Do you have machinery that is sitting on a job site out in the country? Maybe you have trucks and equipment on a busy work site in a major metropolitan area, mixed with vehicles and personnel from other companies. Your GPS tracking solution will give you accurate and up-to-the-second data so that you need never worry about where your assets are at any given point.

Fleet tracking is bigger in Texas

The numerous benefits of GPS tracking that Texas companies can take advantage of:

  • Driver routing – During the summer months, most service companies are constantly on the go. Easily route your nearest available service technician without needing to call, interrupt him on a job site, and verify his location. This type of driver routing can help HVAC companies, roofers, landscapers and many others serve more customers in a much more timely manner.
  • Maintenance alerts – Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is hugely beneficial for a busy fleet. Texas roads can be harsh on your tires, and vehicles in general. By setting alerts to remind you to keep on top of tire rotations, oil changes and other vehicle maintenance essentials, you’ll be able to keep each of your vehicles in top shape year-round.
  • Insurance savings – Reducing insurance costs, especially as fuel prices rise, can help you to save a bit of money each month. Many insurance companies offer discounted rates for vehicles that are equipped with a GPS tracking system because of the theft prevention and recovery benefits tracking provides.
  • Asset location – Speaking of theft prevention and recovery, location data from your trackers will allow you to easily pinpoint the location of your lost or stolen equipment or vehicles. With this data, law enforcement officials can take the appropriate actions to recover your business assets.
  • Digital timekeeping – Tracking vehicles gives you an added layer of timesheet validation for your employees. It can help you to ensure your employees are being paid honestly and accurately. There is no more need to keep up with paper timesheets if you can simply pull the data straight from your GPS tracking system.
  • Safety – Keeping your drivers safe is your number one priority. Real-time monitoring of your field employees can allow you to direct emergency assistance in the event of an accident. Tracking data and unsafe driving alerts can also be used to help train your drivers on better driving habits to reduce the probability of those accidents occurring.

When it comes to combining business needs with GPS tracking, Texas companies will find that there are a great number of benefits to fleet management powered by GPS tracking software. From monitoring driver behavior on the roads to superior route planning to reduction in vehicle maintenance costs, there’s no end to the benefits that Lone Star State businesses can see.

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