Woman DriverIf you have any sized vehicles, or equipment, even just one… the short answer is yes. GPS Tracking would be a great fit for your business.

But, saying GPS Tracking is a good fit for your business doesn’t really tell you why or how you can use it. It simply says that you should. Here we’ll breakdown the uses of both vehicle and equipment tracking that make it beneficial for YOU!

Live Location Tracking

Many Rhino customers and general fleet tracking service customers are simply wanting to know where their vehicles are. Fleet Tracking is as simple as opening your phone and seeing your driver on a map somewhere you expected them to be.

Beyond this, using a GPS tracker for vehicles allows you to help drivers who are in busy areas servicing many clients. Some customers have found it useful for dispatching drivers to help others with lengthy jobs.

Improving Your Business Operations

Driver Reporting

In search of a way to track your driver behavior and improve safety? With a robust fleet management system, you can set up alerts for poor driver behavior. Never worry about harsh braking (probably on the phone), rapid acceleration (not paying attention), prolonged stopping, and much more!

Our fleet tracking software allows you to look at each driver’s day and week and determine who doesn’t obey traffic laws AND who is your safest driver. Both of these are easily reviewable in the fleet tracking dashboard.

Theft Prevention and Recovery

This is pretty obvious. If you have a GPS tracker in your vehicle, it’s a bit harder for a thief to get away with your vehicle or asset. The catch is, just to be sure your device isn’t uninstalled during a theft, you’ll want to use our wired-in tracking device.

In the instance that someone steals your vehicle, Rhino Fleet Tracking help is available 24/7 to help you get your belongings back. We’ve tracked cars across the entire USA to get them back.

Your assets and equipment can also be equipped with GPS trackers, especially the heavy-duty stuff! No reason to think if something’s stolen you can’t get it back, because you can! That’s why we’re here.

Cost vs. ROI

Consider this – many of customers new to fleet tracking have seen an immediate return in the first month. If it wasn’t on fuel, or idle time, or driver behavior, or productivity, or time-theft, then it was probably how fleet tracking helps you service more locations than you ever have!

At only $16.95, the cost is minimal, but the savings are immense. You can learn more about Fleet Tracking ROI from our ROI series: Management, Employee Productivity, and Vehicle Utilization.

If you are ready to get started, let’s waste no more time. Schedule a demo with us below.