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Utilizing alerts is one of the best ways to improve your business’ operations.

Stop alerts are especially useful for knowing how long your employees have been stopped. If your drivers are stopped for hours and they’re not on a job or sleeping, this is an immediate reason for concern. 

At times, employees may view stop alerts as something a business owner uses to reprimand employees for taking too much time, however it can be key tool in maximizing the number of jobs an employee is expected to complete. 

One of our customers shared a story of how they utilize stop alerts to maximize the customer experience. 

They set every driver’s stop alerts for 30 minutes, because he doesn’t expect a job to take much longer than that. 

When the owner receives a notification that a vehicle has been stopped more than 30 minutes, he immediately dispatches an available employee to the next appointment, so the next customer is not waiting any longer than necessary.  

Using the stop alerts helps the business owner know how long it takes to do each job and make necessary adjustments.  It also allows employees to spend the necessary time with their current customer without feeling stressed that they’ll be late to the next appointment. 

The business owner shared with us that he needs fleet tracking to continue to serve his clients in the most efficient manner. He gets his money’s worth by maintaining a delay-free schedule each day.  

Employees understand they can take their time with Customers if needed, but are held accountable for timely performance on basic tasks. 

On top of that, they are able to dispatch the closest available driver each time, which save gas, time, and maintains a positive customer experience. 

This is extremely rewarding to hear for us at Rhino Fleet Tracking, and we strive to help all of our customer gain this much value out of fleet tracking each day. 

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