With gas prices always on people’s mind, everyone is looking for ways to decrease usage and be more efficient. The good news is that utilizing GPS technology provides many opportunities to increase your gas mileage efficiency and increase the overall productivity of your employees.

5 strategies that can help you lower gas bills and save money right away:


Slow your vehicles’ average speeds. If everyone in your fleet will stay below 65 mph on the highway and under 45 on other roads, you’ll notice a decrease in fuel consumption and overall maintenance, plus decrease the likelihood of accidents. Over time, this will show up on your profit and loss statements. Another collateral benefit is that you can use the data collected to lobby your insurance carriers for lower rates.


Use the information garnered from your GPS tracking reports to implement an employee bonus program based on cost-savings. If you create a bonus program, you can get all your drivers on board to lower gas bills.


Providing immediate assistance to employees when they get lost or helping them find the most direct route to their destination not only saves on mileage, but also helps them stay on schedule, generate less overtime hours, and most important keep customers happy!


Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure actually increases fuel mileage by 3 percent. This is a very easy thing to stay on top of that will lend to lower gas bills.


Using the geofence alert feature eliminates moonlighting, driving after hours and unwanted stops during the workday. This will save you money on wages, fuel, and maintenance, limit your liability and provide for better customer service. It is also important that you have a written driving policy to reduce your liability.

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