A Geofence is a Virtual Fence That Can Protect Your Property

Businesses are using geofences to help protect their assets and to have greater control of their assets. A geofence is a virtually defined area designed by the customer. Businesses can use this to make sure that their assets stay within the geofence, or to validate that their drivers have entered or departed their defined area.

The outline of the geofence serves as a notification trigger. You can set up alerts, such as an automatic text or email. For instance, businesses can use geofences to alert them when their vehicles are used without their permission (unauthorized-use or side jobs). Businesses can even use them to create better ad-campaigns . And if you’re in the fleet business, you can use geofencing in conjunction to GPS tracking so you can protect your assets or property.

How You Can Use a Geofence For Your Business

Whether it’s your fleet, trailer, or other equipment, you have valuable assets that you need to monitor. The geofence can serve as your virtual, invisible alarm system. If someone were to attempt to procure your equipment, you’ll be notified immediately so you can take action.

Once you have the parameters of your geofence set up, you can have live updates regarding your fleet and driver’s activities. You can track a specific route on which your employee is driving your equipment. This means that should he or she stray from the path, they’ll cross the geofence and you will be the first to know it.

Worried About Your Property?

Rhino Fleet Tracking knows how valuable your assets are, and we offer to you our theft tracker and recovery system for just pennies a day. Our theft tracker and recovery system even comes equipped with geofencing, along with proactive alerts, history review, and Google maps and street view.

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