rubiks cubeLast year, Rhino Fleet Tracking dove into the pain and issues that our customers, and all fleet tracking customers, were dealing with. The question we wanted to answer was, “What pain points are you looking to alleviate?”

Though the possibilities seemed endless, because every business is unique and thus needs a unique solution, we didn’t find that to be the case. More than 75% of businesses that searched for a fleet tracking solution were looking to improve two major things: Operational Efficiencies and Employee Accountability.

Operational Efficiencies

More than half of all respondents cited improvements in their operational efficiencies to be a main reason they elected to begin tracking.

Notably, improving operations includes managing hidden fleet costs, committing to fleet safety, improving customer service, and more. All of these things can greatly improve operations and better your business’ bottom line from the moment you begin tracking.

Employee Accountability

Over 30% of respondents considered Employee Accountability a pain that needed correction. Along with time theft and vehicle misuse, using a fleet management system to manage employee accountability means tracking those employees who go above and beyond to complete jobs faster and more efficiently than others.

If you have any concern about employees not wanting to be tracked or how to break the news to your employees, get your questions answered here.

There are many other reasons why businesses adopt a fleet monitoring system, you can find the full research available here.

We want your business is grow in 2020. Using our GPS fleet management system, we can solve your biggest issue.

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